TV Commercials

There has never been more competition in the world of TV commercials.

Feeding this appetite through broadcast media is a big challenge, but it is also very rewarding when done correctly. Here at IMECUS Video Agency, our research and development process begins with a focus on your target demographic and a study of your key persuasion points. We unearth your products core values and strategically engineer ways to embrace the buying population.

DermOne – Dr. Kamran, Zumba 60 from IMECUS Video Agency on Vimeo.

We also look closely at current trends and market developments to merge concepts and ideas that are relevant, striking and persuasive.

Whether your idea is locked in place or in need of further nurturing, our team will bring your vision to life. We love what we do, we take it very seriously. When you choose IMECUS, you’re choosing experience, professionalism, creativity, dedication, compassion and camaraderie.

We have an exceptional location crew and the latest tools and equipment to help us achieve visually stunning motion pictures anywhere in the country.

Lays Wavy from IMECUS Video Agency on Vimeo.

Put simply, your 30 second commercial will become a work-of-art. It will be carefully constructed to give the viewer an unforgettable experience that compels them to buy.

Call us today, let’s take your product to market.

Signature Smiles from IMECUS Video Agency on Vimeo.