HD Videos

Our goal to is to bolster your sales results and build trust into your brand.

The results are in: Marketing through video provides the best ROI.

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The most recent studies suggest that online audiences are soaring, with over half the US population streaming video (up 38% from five years ago). But the biggest news is that those same people are receptive to ads and marketing videos, which is huge news for you and your online presence!

Today, your brand needs to be built and supported through on-line video. Luckily, that’s what we do best. At IMECUS Video Agency, Our on-line video products are designed to improve your conversion rates, aid your marketing team, and generate sales activity all hours of the day.

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We don’t make videos that ‘sell’ your products, we empower customers to ‘choose’ your products by edging you ahead of your competitors. We help on-line shoppers connect with your company by identifying the distinguishing factors that characterize your brand. It may sound unusual, but we also identify the pains and frustrations that buyers encounter in your market place. A little detective work helps us solve the puzzle…and you are the solution. Elementary.

As you read, potential customers are surfing your website. If you don’t have a video that addresses their needs, statistics suggest they will continue to search the web until they do. The ball is in your court. Shoot us a message today and get us thinking…we are here to help you grow.

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We are a full service video production company based in Wilmington, NC. We work both locally and nationally to provide professional marketing support and HD video production services. We also offer TV Commercial services, Webinar and Web Broadcasting Services, Animation and Special Event services.